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Pedigree Cats Catamarans

Just a few of the many designs available from many reputable designers!
More designs coming......

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Catamarans  72' - 110'
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Tennant 72' Power Cat Pedigree Cat 75

Pedigree Cat 80

Pedigree Cat 80'
Jutson 82' Explorer Power
Jutson 82' Explorer Power Cat
Pedigree Cat 85

Pedigree Cat 80'
Hughes 85' Power

Hughes 85' Power Cat
Jutson 90' Express Power
Jutson 90' Express Power Cat
Pedigree Cat 92

Pedigree Cat 92'
Catamarans  60' - 70'
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Pedigree Cat 60
Pedigree Cat 60' Power Cat
Jaguar 60 Malcolm Tennant 61
Tennant 61 Power Catamaran
Malcolm Tennant 65 Power Cat
Tennant 65 Power Catamaran
Malcolm Tennant
  65 Power Cat
Tennant 51 New Yorker  
Bloomfield 65' SportFisher
Bloomfield 65' Sport Fisher
Pedigree Cat 655

Pedigree Cat 68
 Sasa  65'

Jutson 70' Power
Jutson 70' Power Cat
    Malcolm Tennant 70 Power Cat
Tennant 70 Power Catamaran

Sail   Catamarans 60' - 105'

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Shuttleworth 63'
Shuttleworth 63
Pedigree Cat 65'
Pedigree Cat 65
Grainger 65'
Grainger 65
Bloomfield 75' Sail
Bloomfield 75' Sail
PC 3ID 80'
Motor Sail

Pedigree Cats 3ID 80' Sail Catamaran
Zin 85'
Motor Sail

Pedigree Cats Zin 85' Sail Catamaran
Tri-Star 104 Pedigree Cat 105
Designers and their Designs
These are just a few of the designs available from the designers.  These plans will give you an idea of the possibilities and will allow you to start creating the ultimate yacht you want! 

The floor plans and interior layouts shown can be changed to suit your individual requirements.  Larger galley, stateroom changed to an office or study, larger showers, less staterooms, playroom, more headroom, no problem! 

Total customization! 


For More Information, email us at Info@PedigreeCats.Com

Pedigree Cats Catamarans
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