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Pedigree Cat 525 
Construction Photos  Album #3
Sides and Aft Stairs
Hull Construction - 
Airex Foam Core
Note:  Pictures may take a few minutes to load.

15 layers of tapered carbon fiber.    Placed under main bulkheads, it gives a substantial increase of strength over the required amount designed in.  This without a great weight gain for the benefit.

The bulkheads are then placed in the center of the carbon fiber and attached in the normal manner.  One strand (1/8") has 12,000 lbs. of tensile strength and this laminate is 5" wide.

Port hull being readied for exterior glassing with Biaxial fabric.

Bow cross tube area being readied for the carbon fiber box beam installation.

Carbon fiber installed on the top and bottom of the bow beam box.  All the carbon fiber in these projects are laid with West System epoxy.

These tapered layers of carbon fiber run over the edge and feathered down the inside of the hulls.

Bow box beam in place and aircraft type ribs installed forward of the master stateroom forward bulkhead.

After all lay-ups, peel ply is installed as we laminate.  Even at $1,000 a roll, the job it does is worth it.  It eliminate work and material needed to smooth out the surface and also leaves the surface ready for the next step.

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