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Pedigree Cat 525 
Construction Photos  Album #2
Bridgedeck and Connections
Sides and Aft Stairs 
Note:  Pictures may take a few minutes to load.
With the hulls squared and lined up, the first of the bridgedeck framing is installed. Major bulkheads in place and the fuel tanks are ready to have lids put on.

This cat will have a 3' underwing clearance when fully loaded.  This most forward compartment will be sealed and will also be used for a holding tank on each side, 100 gallons each if needed in port or canal transition.

Peel ply (white) is used on every laminate.  This Nylon fabric will give a smooth surface ready for the next procedure or attachment.  The red is a dye that is used in the resin to insure proper and continuous mixing.  The Carbon Fiber above, will be used under each structural bulkhead in multiple layers. One strand, about 1/8 ", has a tensile strength of 12,000 lbs.

To the right, the fuel tanks have been further coated with a white epoxy barrier. (500 gallons each side) Some of the bridgedeck 1" Airex foam core is laid down and the glassing has started. 

Forward partition panels, separate master stateroom (11' X 26') from main salon. (21' X 27')  This was set up with mock panels to show visiting clients what could be expected in a cat this size.

Full width of main salon and galley area, to the right would be to the aft deck. (7' X 27')

Standing in the main salon, looking into the master stateroom.  The ribbons hanging down are where the forward deck continues to the bow.

Showing the 45 degree chamfer in the underwing.  This serves 2 purposes, widens hulls for access and softens the underwing water impact in heavy seas.

With the mocked up bridgedeck in place, it shows the room down under. (5')  Forward is the fuel tank. compartment is 4' plus X 21'  This will be a complete head and shower on the Port side and a laundry room on the Starboard side with storage on top of both tanks for food, 83 cu.ft. each side.

Aft connection to port hull.

A spiral star case with wide steps will be duplicated on the starboard side as well.  Dingy landings can be made from the inside and the aft platform.  Access to the drive system is by raising the steps and the engine is from on top the aft deck

The Airex foam core stops at a little over 4' up from the water line and a cross linked foam core will be used from here up.

The side of the hulls are going up as well as the main bulkheads on the bridge deck.  The bulkheads are Airex foam and are placed on 2 layers of e-glass and 10 layers of carbon fiber.  They will then be glassed onto the bridge deck with West System epoxy and 3 layers of biaxial fabric for the final connection.  The diagonal bracing will have that area replaced with a flush floor 27' wide, here in the main salon.

It will take a little time here to structurally mold all these panels above into a one piece component and pictures will slow for a few weeks.  If you need to see something more in detail, let me know, maybe close ups of an area or a better explanation of something shown.

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