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Pedigree Cat 525 
Construction Photos  Album #1
Hull Construction - 
Airex Foam Core
Note:  Pictures may take a few minutes to load.

Mold Construction - A new mold is made each time a new cat is built.  This prevents any possibility of the mold being distorted and assures we have the latest in design from the designer.

Stringers are placed over the ribs to insure us that we have a fair shape in which to attach the foam.

Airex R63.80 3/4" foam attached to the  mold.  Then all the seams are checked and faired.  This preparation done, we can start the outer skin.

Hydrex Vinylester Resin and DBM1708 biaxial fabric is then applied to half the hull.  This lay up of 2 layers is then rolled flat then finished with a nylon release fabric G100-46 which is applied by a wide squeegee for smooth surface. This lay-up overlaps the center line and is ready for the other side to be laid up.

Kevlar (a bullet proof material) will be applied to keel and front area of the bow. 
This extra lay-up (3 here) over the overlapped 4 layers of biaxial fabric E-Glass, will provide the ultimate wear shoe for continuos beaching


Keel is added to hull after the hull is glassed, epoxied into place, then glassed with six layers of DBM1708 fanned out onto the hull.  The keel will support the cat when beached for cleaning or accidental shallow water exploring.

Everything in place, we will further water proof the bottom.  The vinylester does a good job but we add more.  The suggested application of a water barrier coating is Gougeon Brothers epoxy and additive 422 applied.  2 coats are applied and again we apply Release Fabric to further fair the hull and provide a surface for the next step. 

The hull is now ready for the final step in protection.

CopperPoxy 10 year anti fouling bottom coating is applied by hand and finished with Release fabric for the smoothest and fairest surface.  There is a link to this product on our site for more information.   Regarding the thickness of the CopperPoxy, from Ken Draper "a mil is 1/1000 of an inch. By checking conversion tables, we calculate that 8 mils would be 200 microns. A centimeter is .394 of an inch, so a millimeter is .0394 of an inch. From a more graphic viewpoint, 8 mils is approximately the thickness of a business card."

The final product will provide the best protection for a minimum of 10 years.  Just think, no haul outs or the expense and hassle of finding a boat yard to do the work.

After exterior is laminated, waterproofed and finished with CopperPoxy, the hull is removed from the mold and the inside is laminated with another 2 layers, the same as the outside.

Since both hulls are the same, the mold is ready for the second hull.

Fuel tank bulkheads are fitted for the 500 gallons of diesel which will be duplicated in the other hull.  Built right into the hull, West System Epoxy is used for the entire operation.

After fitting, the bulkheads are laminated on both sides, then installed in a bedding of epoxy bonding matrix.
Integral fuel tank baffles are made of Airex closed cell foam core.  Epoxied into place using an additional 2 layers of fabric.  The tank will be coated with a minimum of 2 coats of white pigmented epoxy.

Bulkheads and integral fuel tank installed.  Begin vertical sides on port hull.  The red color of the laminate is produced by a dye we use that assures us that the resin and catalyst is mixed thoroughly.

As you can see in the back ground, the foam is on the second hull and that whole process must now be duplicated and will take some time.

We will be putting on the bridge deck the first of march and the room on the cat will be evident.  With over 800 sq. ft. of floor space on the main deck a master suite 27' wide and a galley bigger than most homes.

For More Information, email us at  Info@PedigreeCats.Com 

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