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Pedigree Cat 106' Motorsailer Catamaran

Pedigree Catamaran 106


Pedigree Cat 106' Catamaran 
Length Overall
Beam Overall
2x480 hp diesels
18-23 knts
Motor Sailing


Cats this size can be up to 1/2 their length for the width and you'll find the designer allow the mast height to be approximately the length.  All our cats are displacement hull design and have a hull speed under power and the designers usually give you the horsepower that will be economical as well as all they really need.

Another thing that is becoming popular is staggered floors on the main bridge deck with sunken or raised levels inside.  Usually about 1,000 gallons (ea.) of fuel under the floors in the hulls on each side as well as built in waste water tankage.  A cat this size usually uses water chillers for cooling the air inside, this can also be hot water if needed.  The engine rooms are big and on some cats are used for dingy storage, a 16' Whaler is no problem.


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