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Let us custom build your dream yacht!

O.K. - I am interested in a Catamaran.
What do I do next?

Step 1 - What type and length do I need? 

       Common Questions:   Sail or Power? 
                                         Type of cruising? 
                                         Personal Use or Charter? Day Charter or Term Charter? 
                                         Approximate Length? 
                                         Accommodations for how many?
                                         Speed and range desired?

Visit the Designer's Showcase and look at a few different yacht profiles and floor plans.  We can help direct you to boats that will suit your needs based on the answers to the questions listed above, plus we have others not shown.  Keep in mind that floor plans and non-structural minor changes can be modified before construction begins to ensure that this is the yacht you have in mind. 

Ultimately, you will need to determine the approximate length, and select the profile and floor plan for work to begin on your yacht. The examples on our site were done by the designer for someone and what they wanted, but can give you some possibilities for the large area you have to use on these cats. Not everything needs to be decided right away, it takes several months to build the hulls and install engines.  Next would be the basic floor plan and maybe the exterior look you want. Stylists can also help put your dreams on paper in a realistic color picture for your home or office.

Dick Newick, multihull designer for fifty years is famous for saying "You can have two of three factors in a multihull - speed, comfort, and economy.  You cannot have all three." That is true, but could depend on how fast you expect to go. 

While true for sailing cats, the new displacement power cats are able to do quite well, reaching speeds of 20 knots with very little horse power.  Cats must also be balanced and not over loaded, to perform as the designer has projected. Any Extra weight you expect to carry must be disclosed to the designer before adding it to the Cat and before building begins. This includes things that you expect to add much later.

Range is proportional to speed. If you go fast, you will burn all the fuel you have loaded more quickly and if you travel at the speed the designer states for cruising, your range increases accordingly.  Most of the designs now will cruise at 15 knots while total burn is 13 gph and top speed will be in the 20 knot range.  Fuel tank size is built for the range you want.

Step 2 -  What is included and how much is it going to cost?

Visit our Amenities and Pricing page to get a partial list of items included and there is a lot more, basically on all yachts.

We have been able to determine an average Pricing Guideline for your information.  These are an average price for a Pedigree Cat, power or sail, with all the amenities listed as an ocean ready yacht.  Of course pricing may change depending on if you want gold plated faucets or require additional equipment onboard.  Also, charter yachts are generally less than the price listed, while trimarans generally cost more because of the additional hull.

Most clients in the last 20 years have elected to pay as we build.  We can estimate the cost of time and materials of the stages of construction, startup, etc. There are no large deposits required up front, just pay as you build for what you have approved to purchase. Clients themselves establish a spend rate they are comfortable with and spread monthly payments out over the estimated time to build.  Clients have full control of what is spent on materials and machinery.  Estimates on engines, gen. sets, etc. can be quoted from the manufacture are sent to you for approval and you also pick the brand of what you want.

Step 3 - Contact Us

There are many more designs available than are shown on our site.  Most designers have basic design catalogs and study plans available at very reasonable prices.  If you need more help in locating exactly what you have in mind, we are able to have it designed.  You may also use a concept artist to lift the sketches off the napkins and bring them to life.

Ready to build?>Hopefully we have a slot open or coming up shortly. Before  the start date is reached, you can order up the plans from the designer that closest meets your needs and start working with the concept artist directly to create the dream you have in mind.

It takes about 24 months in the 60' range and 30 months when you push up to the 80' bracket.  This again, will all depend on you and what you want. Basic Charter Cats take about half the above time to build.  You can also have us build to a certain stage, maybe take it home to finish, have your own choice of everything and where you purchase it as well as come and work on what ever part of the construction you want to be involved in (or put your kids to work).

For More Information, email us at  Info@PedigreeCats.Com

Please provide us with as much information as possible so that we can better assist you.

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For More Information, email us at  Info@PedigreeCats.Com

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